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Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance Services

A well functioning central air conditioning system helps keep homes and businesses comfortable during hot weather. Routine and preventative AC maintenance services from a qualified and experienced HVAC contractor can help to safeguard this valuable equipment.

Wood Mechanical helps customers with this essential maintenance plan. We supply skilled, knowledgeable, licensed central heating and central air conditioning system maintenance services.

How an A/C Unit and an HVAC System Cools a Home

Today, manufacturers offer a multitude of air conditioning and HVAC systems. While the mechanical details of individual products sometimes vary widely, these systems do share one thing in common: they help create more comfortable residential and business interiors. Essentially, a central air conditioning unit creates a reliable flow of cool air through a residential or commercial premise.

Most modern systems perform a four-fold function. They cool, clean, and dehumidify the air and circulate it through the home or building. The combination of all these processes helps create more pleasant living environments.

Air Conditioner Maintenance Check

Maintenance: An Essential Service for Air Conditioning Systems

Why do savvy property owners request routine, regular maintenance servicing for centralized air conditioning systems? Just like every machine, this equipment requires periodic inspection, cleaning, tune-ups, parts replacement and repairs. In the absence of this attention, components in a central air-central system begin operating inefficiently and issues may arise. The flow of cool, refreshing indoor air will eventually cease.

Fortunately for our customers, we offer a dependable, skilled source of AC maintenance assistance! We’ll check over your AC equipment carefully and inspect all HVAC components, including: refrigerant, refrigeration lines, ventilation ducts, condenser coil, compressor, electrical components, evaporator coil, fans, motors, thermostat and control system.

We’ll alert you to any worn or damaged components, and our skilled service technicians can provide a cost estimate to repair your AC system when necessary, and help you understand what’s covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

The Benefits of Scheduled, Routine Maintenance Services

1. Regular Maintenance Helps Prevent Some Sudden Mechanical Breakdowns: Whether you have a central air system, heat pump or ductless split system, no one can ever guarantee an air conditioning system will never stop working. However, obtaining routine inspection and maintenance services certainly decreases the risk of encountering a sudden AC malfunction. Knowledgeable service technicians can replace worn components in a timely manner.

2. Maintenance Inspections Offer Peace of Mind: Property owners who request regular AC maintenance services know they’ve done everything possible to help keep their premises refreshingly cool during hot periods of the year. You don’t want to have your unit break-down unexpectedly on a hot summer day.

3. Routine Maintenance Promotes More Efficient AC Operations: Another key reason to seek regular maintenance services for an HVAC system involves thrifty home and business management practices. A sluggish, dirty HVAC unit operates inefficiently. Regular maintenance helps ensure the temperature control system performs correctly.

How often should you ask for an inspection? Most technicians recommend at least once a year for homeowners, and perhaps twice a year for more complex commercial systems. Many customers prefer to obtain HVAC maintenance during the early Spring the late Fall. Many HVAC companies will offer specials during this time that you can take advantage of.

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